Street Food At The Yard In Digbeth

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With the news of lockdown easing ringing in our ears, we have been flat out getting The Yard ship shape for all you lovely people. With a week to go, the place is looking awesome, we are confident you are going to enjoy the coolest and largest outdoor space Digbeth has to offer. We have installed three outdoor curling lanes and two batting cages all undercover to protect you from the elements. The Yard is presented in a colourful array of street art and lighting for a feast on the senses you will not find anywhere else.
Digbeth Street Food in Birmingham.
As if that wasn’t enough of an option for an alternative night out in Birmingham we have the very best street food chef Digbeth has ever seen. With the quality of his food unrivaled by any of Digbeth Dining Club’s vendors our very own Sean and Sisters cantering, by way of Ellie May’s Plaice street food truck, has an array of tasty dishes to tantalise those taste buds and leave you fully satisfied.
Tasty Street Eats. 
Of course, you have had Sean’s signature beef burger loaded how suits you best which is a winner with most but his menu goes further than that. Street food in Digbeth is world-renowned so to compete Sean has masterfully crafted dishes such as his very own curried chicken burger a fusion of Louisiana chicken and Indian spices for a mouth-watering burger you won’t forget.
But why stop there? He has a range of options for vegetarians and vegans alike and no not just a salad! The thought that has been put into his Halloumi burger and his portobello mushroom burger would turn a meat-eater to the bright side with no complaint.
Of course, the most popular dish to date and indeed my favorite is the range of loaded fries from Dirty fries, a combo of crispy bacon, cheese sauce lashed over tasty Piri salted skin-on fries, or curry fries loaded with crispy salt and chili chicken, peppers and onions.
My mouth is watering writing this. To round it off Sean has traditional fish and chips and hot dogs too. Street food in Digbeth has never had such a range.
Needless to say a trip down to The Yard @ The Floodgate to try Digbeths finest street food vendor in the heart of Birmingham is a must-do. Booking is required to avoid disappointment. What are you waiting for?