Birmingham Crazy Golf & Mini Golf Like You Have Never Seen Before!

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Birmingham is indeed not short of great crazy golf courses such as Mr. Mulligans in Birmingham city centre and Ghetto Golf at the Custard Factory Digbeth. Great venues with alternative offerings, but all based around the same ingredients that you have entertained for decades.  At The Floodgate also in the Custard Factory in Digbeth, we do mini-golf in Birmingham as you have never seen before.
With 18 holes of challenging fun mini-golf holes but raised off the floor condensed down and played out on a table….told you crazy gold as you have never seen before, PitPat. We are proud to say that we are the first company in the Uk to bring you PitPat, this cool new drink and do activity and you lucky Brummies have right in your back yard in Digbeth, Deritend under the arches in the Custard Factory.
Golf? Pool? Table golf? Crazy Pool?
The question we have had rattling around our brains and that is often asked of us is which is it? Is it table golf? Or is it a crazy pool? What do you reckon? The name Pit Pat translates to mini-golf which doesn’t really help answer the question so the debate about the wonderful new crazy golf experience in Birmingham goes on. One thing is for sure it certainly is mini golf like you have never seen before.
Adventure golf Birmingham
As if this exciting unique mini golf game wasn’t enough and in true Floodgate style we have funked it up by installing it in a UV creative artistic environment with graffiti art throwbacks to have you gobsmacked on your way around the course.
Check out our craziest mini golf table golf crazy pool thingy-majigy PitPat.