Life’s a Pitch

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As we embark on lockdown Strike 2 in the UK, we at The Floodgate have decided to give you the low down on our Bleachers high-velocity pitching machines. Stand back and prepare yourself for the speed of the paceman sc2. A perfect way to get all that post lockdown frustration out, and a great recommendation to have that much-needed catch up with all your friends and family, in a socially distanced manner of course! And if like us, you have a slightly competitive streak, this is a great way to find that betting sweet spot. Our batting cages are indoor as well as outdoor with banging tunes to bat to, street food, and kick-ass cocktails to hand, as well as some of the sickest street art for your consideration in those moments between swings. All the ingredients for a great time out, if you get the pitcher?

Life’s a Pitch at The Floodgate

Let’s get more in-depth with the sc2 paceman, this second-generation pitching machine provides you with variable pitching speeds of up to 90kph. Able to produce inswing and outswing deliveries as well as fully adjustable for full and short pitch deliveries. Offering quality accurate and reliable pitching simulation from the rookie to the pro. Get ready to level up with that follow through swing and fastball, we are looking forward to seeing you become a master of the cage.

Bleachers, Indoor & Outdoor Batting Cages

Did we mention, we have the very first indoor and outdoor batting cages here in Birmingham! They are not just any batting cages, with the playing area a healthy 2.7m plus apart – ideal for social distancing, whilst getting your batting groove on. The backboards have been artistically styled by Birmingham’s famous Gent 48 street artist, a spectacle for players and spectators alike.

If this sounds like it would be an entertaining way to pass your time, you would be correct. Book yourself and your friends into Bleachers and let’s crank up the pace to level 10 and get some post lockdown fury out on the balls. They are waiting for you! See you in the cage!

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